Below you’ll see our rates, so you know exactly what it takes to work with us, and why it’s more than worth it. We believe in being transparent about sharing our cost structure so that you’re not shocked or surprised when the bill comes due. Best of all, we believe we can deliver incredible value for what we charge as we leverage the latest technology to keep costs low while providing superior service and reliability.

Single Family* Townhouse/Condo** Multi-Family***
1 Property 9% 8% 9%
2 to 4 Properties 7% 6% 7.5%
5 or More Properties 6% 5.5% 6%

* Based on minimum monthly rent of $1,350
** Based on minimum monthly rent of $1,200
*** Based on minimum monthly rent of $1,000 per unit

Please contact us for a specialized quote for your property with multiple units.

Tenant Acquisition Fees (Leasing Services) – 50% of first month’s rent

Our team works hard to fill your properties as quickly as possible with verified and reliable tenants, reducing vacancy times (as well as headaches) so you can maximize your investment. All showings are performed by a licensed real estate agent. If an outside real estate agent represents a prospective tenant, then we’ll split this fee with the other agent. Using a real estate agent can ensure that your unit rents more quickly with more qualified potential tenants, reducing vacancy time and ensuring peace of mind for your piece of property.

Tenant acquisition includes placing and renewing ads online, listing on the local multiple listing service (such as Realtracs) and the creation and placement of yard signs with contact info (via phone and text) that provide details about the property. The fee also includes any and all costs related to drafting and signing (and when needed, legal review) of the lease. All applicants undergo credit, background and eviction screenings along with employment verification and rental reference checks.