PMC Guarantees

PMC Guarantees

Tenant Placement:  For vacant properties, PMC will secure a tenant within 21 days of listing a property for rent.  For occupied properties, PMC will try to secure a new tenant before the current tenant moves out, but if that is not possible, PMC guarantees we will secure a new tenant within 21 days after the unit has undergone proper “rent-ready” work following the departure of the tenant.  If we are unable to meet this guarantee, we will waive one month’s management fee.

Better Tenant: If a tenant breaks a lease in the first 9 months after placement (including for a lease buyout), we will waive our fee to place a new tenant.

Service: All rent paid on time will be deposited into the owner’s bank account by the 15th of each month.

Response: We will respond to all calls to our office and e-mails within one business day.

Satisfaction: We will waive a month’s management fee if you are not satisfied with our service. Furthermore, you can cancel our management agreement at anytime with a 30-day notice.

Eviction: PMC offers an Eviction Protection Plan that covers certain owner’s costs and lost revenues.

Pet Damage: PMC covers pet damage to the property up to $5,000 in damage (see Management Agreement for details and restrictions).